One Ton Project

One Ton Project was formed in 2003 by guitarist Brandon Desmond, and drummer Daniel Fuller. Finally rounding out their lineup in 2007 with Joe Munoz on guitar, Adam Sage playing bass, and Travis Mercer providing lead vocals, OTP began tearing up the Las Vegas live music scene at local venue favorites like Emergency Room, The Art Bar, Cheyenne Saloon, and Diablos Cantina. In 2009 One Ton Project’s off-the-beaten-path brand of compact, energetic, and sometimes quirky progressive rock had the band being asked to headline a local showcase at The House of Blues.

They are on their way to making it.

I know I said that I was going to feature an artist next week but it is still early and I been wanting to feature this band for awhile now. I actually found them a month ago and actually like their sounds. Its a mix of many. You could already tell by the sound of their music that these guys probably have played a wide variety of music. I mean their genre on their myspace says:  tango and progressive. I was impressed I mean here are a  group of dudes that look like metal heads and they are playing tango. But, then I heard their sound! My favorite has got to be Flight 13.  The video below is a sample of all their songs on their site.  The lead singer’s voice reminds me of the front man of Soundgarden and Audioslave Chris Cornell. Amazing voice. Listen to their creations and if you like it. Add them on myspace! Ask for their album.


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